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Outside of my engineering career and community involvement, I have been a lifelong "crafter of things" I enjoy creating thoughtful mixed media assemblages, crafting jewelry out of unusual materials, and thrifting for hidden vintage gems. Learn more about my creative work in my blog and shop both my handmade or vintage Etsy stores in the links below.



Black History is History

MAC Gallery, Multnomah Arts Center

Soul & Spirit of Black Joy

Arts Council of Fayetteville / Cumberland County

Ellington White Community Development Corporation

KALAYAAN: An Antifascist Art Show

Malaya Portland, Bayanihan Center


Uncommon Threads: Fiber / Quilting / Weaving Art (Virtual Exhibit)

San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center

Jordan Schnitzer Black Lives Matter Grant Showcase

Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at Portland State University


Jordan Schnitzer Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Program Awardee

In 2020 the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art hosted a Black Lives Matter Artist Grant Program and I am grateful to have been selected as a recipient. The pieces I made for this program will be on exhibit from January 18, 2022 through April 20, 2022 in the Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum of Art at Portland State University. View the press release here, and my artist feature here. 


I first learned to weave in elementary school, not realizing it would be a lifelong hobby and unique skill. I taught weaving to elementary students in an after school program for seven years, trained as an apprentice to a local expert weaver, and have continued to weave throughout my life. I have learned various techniques, but routinely weave on a frame loom inspired by weaving techniques from Argentina and Chile. I still teach upon request for affordable rates or traded skills! 

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 1.40.32 PM.png
Mixed media assemblage entitled _Somethi

Mixed Media Assemblage

I enjoy creating thought provoking art with themes on Social Justice, where my favorite medium is ALL mediums. Mixed Media pieces with found objects, created assemblages, and incorporating my stencil cut designs, drawings, and paintings. I love making art within boxes or curios, drawing inspiration from Betye Saar and Joseph Cornell - two of my lifelong favorite artists.

Jewelry and Accessories

I have made jewelry for over twenty years - my longest craft, which I learned with my mother. Together we made and sold jewelry in juried art shows, local craft markets, and online. While I am not as often found vending my jewelry, I have continued to craft jewelry throughout my life. I enjoy making jewelry with found objects, vintage beads, and organic materials (bones, shells, etc).

Stone Donut Jewelry Set
Image by Bram Naus


While I do not post often, I have been writing a long-standing blog since 2011. Read and follow to learn more about my crafting, vintage finds, community involvement, and tidbits about my career. 

Photo Gallery of Past Creative Works

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