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Brannon Diversity in Engineering Scholarship

J'reyesha Brannon is the founder/donor of the 'Brannon Diversity in Engineering Scholarship' which provides $2K annually for BIPOC female students enrolled in University of Portland's Shiley School of Engineering. The scholarship can also receive additional donations from the public, which provide scholarship support to multiple recipients each year.

About the Scholarship

Diversifying the STEM Field

This scholarship was created by University of Portland (UP) Civil Engineering alum, J’reyesha Brannon ’15, who is passionate about diversity within the field of engineering. This scholarship will be directed towards providing financial support for female identifynig BIPOC engineering students, who are statistically underrepresented across all fields of engineering. Diversifying engineering is not only necessary for equitable outcomes, but it also foster’s new ideas, innovations, and creativity that engineering’s foundation is in. Awardees of this scholarship will also be offered optional mentorship and guidance through their education and as they navigate their early careers. The intent of this scholarship is to be a small step towards making UP’s engineering school a more diverse, inclusive, and supportive environment for students of all ethnicities and backgrounds.

To date, the scholarship fund has provided over $20K since its 2020 founding. 

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