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In the last several years working for the City of Portland, I have managed millions of dollars in Capital Projects, holding roles as a Construction Manager/Owner's Representative, Designer, and Project Manager. I have worked on public utility projects related to storm and wastewater, potable water distribution, facility upgrades, and more. Below are highlights of projects I've worked on. 

Project Examples

Engineering Technician (2015 - 2017)

  • Aiport Way 3 Pump Station

  • Lagoon Phase 2

  • Digester Improvements

  • Schmeer Pump Station

  • Outfall 77A

  • Lower Slough Refugia

  • SW 86th Pump Station

  • Sullivan Pump Station Platform Replacement

  • Sewer Level Remote Telemetry 

  • Inverness 30-inch Force Main

Construction Manager (2017 - 2019)

  • NW Flanders Sewer Rehabilitation

  • SW Dolph Ct LID

  • SW Flower & Kelly Sewer Rehabilitation 

  • Ankeny Pump Station Ventilation Facility Upgrade

  • Riverview Pump Station Wetwell Rehabilitation 

  • Inverness HVAC 

  • Montavilla Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Leif Erikson Culverts

  • Sw 16th and Yamhill

Designer and Project Manager (2019 - Present)

  • Woods Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Sewer Level Remote Telemetry FY 2019-2020

  • NE 29th, Hancock, and Barbur Sewer Rehabilitation

  • N Delaware Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Outfall 42 Maintenance Hole and Pipe Repair

  • Downtown Old Town Urgent Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Portsmouth Force Main Level Monitoring

  • Downtown Old Town Market Madison Sewer Rehabilitation

Project Manager (2022 - Present)

  • Digester 1 and Digester 4 Roof Improvements

  • VFD Replacement

  • Diffuser Acquisition and Flow Meter Calibration

  • Treatment Plant Non-Conforming Upgrades

Sewer Rehabilitation

Sewer Rehabilitation of collection systems. Experience designing and managing construction.


Pictured below: Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) on NW Flanders, Pearl District, 2017

Sewer Rehab.jpg

Culvert Installation

Leif Erikson Forest Park culvert pipe installation.

Managed Construction Phase.

Pictured below: Culvert installation with excavator, 2018

Culvert Installation

Mt. Tabor Reservoir 1 - Phase 2

Historic reservoir restoration with Shotcrete concrete, new rebar installation, and concrete patching. Additional aesthetic improvements included in the project scope. 

Pictured below: Rebar installation on ramp within Reservoir, 2019

Reservoir 2019.jpg

Other Projects

  • Facility Upgrades (Construction Phase)

    • Ventilation​ 

    • HVAC 

    • Wetwell Rehabilitation

    • Pump Station Improvements

  • Sewer Level Remote Telemetry

  • Outfall Design

Sewer Rehab.jpg
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