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In the last several years working for the City of Portland, I have managed millions of dollars in Capital Projects, holding roles as a Construction Manager/Owner's Representative, Designer, and Project Manager. I have worked on public utility projects related to storm and wastewater, potable water distribution, facility upgrades, and more. Below are highlights of projects I've worked on. 


Engineering Technician (2015 - 2017)

  • Aiport Way 3 Pump Station

  • Lagoon Phase 2

  • Digester Improvements

  • Schmeer Pump Station

  • Outfall 77A

  • Lower Slough Refugia

  • SW 86th Pump Station

  • Sullivan Pump Station Platform Replacement

  • Sewer Level Remote Telemetry 

  • Inverness 30-inch Force Main

Construction Manager (2017 - 2019)

  • NW Flanders Sewer Rehabilitation

  • SW Dolph Ct LID

  • SW Flower & Kelly Sewer Rehabilitation 

  • Ankeny Pump Station Ventilation Facility Upgrade

  • Riverview Pump Station Wetwell Rehabilitation 

  • Inverness HVAC 

  • Montavilla Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Leif Erikson Culverts

  • Sw 16th and Yamhill

Designer and Project Manager (2019 - Present)

  • Woods Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Sewer Level Remote Telemetry FY 2019-2020

  • NE 29th, Hancock, and Barbur Sewer Rehabilitation

  • N Delaware Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Outfall 42 Maintenance Hole and Pipe Repair

  • Downtown Old Town Urgent Sewer Rehabilitation

  • Portsmouth Force Main Level Monitoring

  • Downtown Old Town Market Madison Sewer Rehabilitation

Project Manager (2022 - Present)

  • Digester 1 and Digester 4 Roof Improvements

  • VFD Replacement

  • Diffuser Acquisition and Flow Meter Calibration

  • Treatment Plant Non-Conforming Upgrades

Sewer Rehabilitation

Sewer Rehabilitation of collection systems. Experience designing and managing construction.


Pictured below: Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) on NW Flanders, Pearl District, 2017

Sewer Rehab.jpg

Culvert Installation

Leif Erikson Forest Park culvert pipe installation.

Managed Construction Phase.

Pictured below: Culvert installation with excavator, 2018

Culvert Installation

Mt. Tabor Reservoir 1 - Phase 2

Historic reservoir restoration with Shotcrete concrete, new rebar installation, and concrete patching. Additional aesthetic improvements included in the project scope. 

Pictured below: Rebar installation on ramp within Reservoir, 2019

Reservoir 2019.jpg

Other Projects

  • Facility Upgrades (Construction Phase)

    • Ventilation​ 

    • HVAC 

    • Wetwell Rehabilitation

    • Pump Station Improvements

  • Sewer Level Remote Telemetry

  • Outfall Design

Sewer Rehab.jpg
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